A downloadable game

A very small wild west themed roguelike where you play a c(ow)boy who was given a job to kill the corrupt townspeople in the area

Cboy should run on any Unix based OS (Linux, BSD, Mac) as long as ncurses is installed, which is default on most systems. To compile the program type make into a terminal. To run type ./cboy in the same directory. If you have any problems with compiling or running feel free to contact me at: edvb54@gmail.com


Move around with:

q w e

a s d

z x c

Hold down shift with movement keys to change direction

Other keys:

Key Function
g get item or cycle through inventory
v drop item
f use item
r load gun
o open door


Char Name Type
$ gold gold
% beef food
/ knife knife
) revolver gun
* ammo ammo

Food can be eaten with 'f' key and will heal your heath. When a knife is in hand you do extra damage to others. A gun needs to be loaded with ammo every six shots and changes to the ']' character when loaded. Then press 'f' to fire it in direction you are looking. Gold increases your score which gets displayed at the end of the game.


Char Color Name Description
c grey Cow Drops beef when killed
@ brown Bandit Tires to kill you when you attack someone
@ grey Angry Bandit Always tires to kill you

Bandit's have a chance to drop gold and ammo when killed.